Japan: a close look  

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Japan for someone may be associated with the incessant noise of the crowded Tokyo magapolis, blinking lights of advertisement or numerous buddhist temples or shinto shrines. I have seen Japan a little bit different.

Of course, you cannot escape volcanos, like Iwate-san at the north of Honsu:

Although when you get closer, they look a little bit different:

But there are no so many volcanos. Mountains are old, covered by forest where nobody lives. In general, I found Japan a rather deserted country, especially the northern part.

Alas, when we cast a glance back, we see only ruins...

Majority of rivers, even small ones, are constrained by dams, although sometimes they are allowed to flow freely:



In mountains, bamboo is not developing in a tree, but becomes a small and nasty bush saseyaba. To go through a dense thicket of this wonderful plant is an ordeal which too few dare to undertake.

A holy place in the forest.

A path to the temple.

But at the end of that path...

The southeast part of Japan, Yaeyama islands, look somewhat different than the northern part of Honsu:

Other photots of of Japan.

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