Volcano Mt. Etna

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Volcano Mt. Etna (Mongibello) is located in the north-eastern part of Sicily island. Its height is about 3400 meters. It was not active in April 2005.

The summit as viewed from the northern slope.

The summit. It was a little bit chilly, -15C, and windy, 20-25 m/s. This time of the year the summit is not crowded. Hot and humid volcanic gas is emitted from the crater's rim and almost instantly condenses into the thick cloud.

Of course, I've looked into the crater, but did not see too much.

Gas is emitted from the narrow trench along the rim.

Lava from the eruption of 2002. It is cold now.

Volcanic ash emitted after the snowfall.

This landscape more resembles the Moon or Jupiter's satellites than the Earth.

The southern slope of Etna.

Some time ago this was a hot lava lake.

These boulders were ejected by the volcano.

Molten lava, ash, gas -- and life. This is the planet Earth.

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