Venus transit across the Sun on 2004.06.08

On 2004.06.08 a rare even took place: the Venus transited across the Sun's disk. Here are the photos made in the interval 06:45-07:20 UTC. Observations were made with binocular TASCO ZIP 10x50, projected on the screen and fixed with the digital camera Olympus C740.

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According to a legend M. Lomonosov observed this event on 1761.06.05 in order to determine diurnal parallax. He failed to get precise measurements, but claimed that that the first and fourth contacts were fuzzy and there was a halo around the Venus disk. He attributed it to the presence of Venus atmosphere. His note was considered as the first experimental evidence that the Venus has atmosphere. To tell the true, I did not see fuzziness of the contacts. Now I have some doubts about validity of this discovery.

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