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Noctilucent clouds are clouds at extreme high altitude, 80-85 km. This part of atmosphere is called mesosphere. Unlike usual clouds they shine at night. It is a rare phenomenon and can be observed at latitudes 50o-65o during clear summer nights.

I saw this phenomenon only once, at night 07/08-AUG-1986 near abandoned village Shigola in Leningrad region of Soviet Union. Latitude 60o29'42" +- 1", longitude 2h21m +- 1m. I made three pictures using a photo camera FED-5, F/D=2.8, Orwochrom film with speed 45 GOST units. The camera was mounted on a tripod.

Exposition began at 1986.08.08_02:10 (GMT+04:00).

Exposition length: 3m

Exposition began at 1986.08.08_02:14 (GMT+04:00).

Exposition length: 2m

Exposition began at 1986.08.08_03:57 (GMT+04:00).

Exposition length: 1m A spot at the top of the picture is star alpha Aurigae (Capella). We can see beta Aurigae left and below of alpha Aurigae. At the right low corner we see beta Taurus.

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